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Object Press was formed in 2008. We are a small, independent press that publishes fiction in slim, quality paperback editions.

While our publications might not easily fit into categories, there are certain motivations that unite the work we do. One of them is the desire to present fiction—focusing on, but not limited to, the novel—that is somehow different, expanding its potential, its horizon of possibility. One aspect of this is reflected in presenting titles of relatively short length, favoring writing that is precise, inspired and thoughtfully structured. Another important motivation for us is something we don’t hear very much of in publishing, and that is the pursuit of joy. The joy of writing, reading; of discovering a new narrative, a new voice; of holding and handling books; of seeing them on shelves, inviting them into our lives, our thoughts. These books are objects for use, objects for reflection. And these are our projects, focusing on literary innovation, good design and the pleasures of literature.

Finding our books

All of our editions are available for purchase either directly through this website (by visiting the books section, with payments via PayPal), or through Amazon.com. There are also a few independent bookshops that carry our titles, so feel free to ask your local bookseller about us.

If you happen to run a bookshop of your own, or have any questions about distributing our titles, please contact us about wholesale pricing.

Getting in touch

We encourage you to write to us with any comments or questions about our books, about what you see on this website, or about your own literary projects and interests.

Write by email to: editor [at] objectpress [dot] com

Object Press
14-221 Sterling Road
Toronto ON  M6R 2B2

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